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Made to Order Embroidered Crystal Grid Ritual Mats

Made to Order Embroidered Crystal Grid Ritual Mats

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Handmade Custom Embroidered Crystal Grid Mats Made to Order in The Sacred Geometry Shape of :: The Seed of Life.

7" Height x 8" Wide. Great for:

- Traveling
- Altars
- Shrines
- Nightstands
- Under the Bed
- Shelves
- Desks - You Name it!

If you like to work with Crystal Energy as a spiritual tool for Manifestation, Meditation, Prayer, Chakras, Healing, Space Cleansing, working with, God/Goddesses & Deities then Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids are powerful ways to tap into and amplify your intentions for Co-Creating with spirit.

My grids are made to be durable they are triple layered and not flimsy at all, they will hold up and are simple enough to spot clean.

These Grids are each Happily Handmade by me and Made to Order so each one is slightly different from the next, please allow 2 business days time plus shipping time for me to complete one for you! Please note that the 'SewCrystalized' brand tag can be sewn on the front or the back of the grid as you wish.
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