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Vesica Piscis Embroidered Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Mat

Vesica Piscis Embroidered Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Mat

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Handmade Embroidered Vesica Piscis Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Mat for Healing, Meditation, Altars, Spirituality and Manifestation. (Crystals not included.)

This beautiful grid is designed for doing crystal work, manifestation, meditation, healing therapies, room cleansing, reiki, energy work, as well as witchy and moon rituals.

All Sacred geometry grids are perfect tools to work with your own spiritual energy and intentions for manifesting your desires and prosperity.

No one grid is right or wrong for spiritual work on our paths. Some grids energetic properties can be better suited to enhance and anchor in your intentions into the physical more beneficially depending on what your manifesting intentions are.

The sacred geometry of the Vesica Piscis symbolizes and represents birth, Goddess energy, feminine energy, and the joining of the spiritual with the physical. Working with the Vesica Piscis sacred geometric energy will enhance your ability to birth your desires into the physical!

Your consciousness expands while you interact with the grid and it helps to elevate your frequency (hello good vibes!). Imagine your desired outcome, really feel into it while working with your grid, and as you do, more understanding and feeling of what it means and how to utilize this powerful feminine energy for birthing any creation will flow to you. The continual work with your energy as you gain more awareness and integrate this process within yourself, will open you up to more possibilities of creation!

Crystal grids that focus on:
- new beginnings
- birthing new projects
- physical birth
- manifesting new things into existence

These are all great examples for how to use Vesica Piscis.

Sew Crystalized grids are great for spiritual prosperity service, crystal healing, energy work, chakra alignment, reiki healing, meditation, manifestation, spiritual work, attracting health, wealth, abundance, prosperity and joy into any area of your life!

Perfect for a desk, nightstand, shelf, altar, shrine, side table or any sacred space. All crystal bag sets and healing grids are also great to travel with!

Care Instructions: Spot clean with mild soap and water, let air dry.

Materials: Poly/Cotton Blend

Sacred Geometric Shape: Vesica Piscis

Size: Small - 7"x8"

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