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Custom Astrology Birth Chart Art PDF, Natal Chart Art Print.

Custom Astrology Birth Chart Art PDF, Natal Chart Art Print.

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Are you your friends, fam, or loved ones an astrology lover?
This is an excellent gift for those who love astrology, new age spirituality, or are into higher self awareness and inner reflection, by looking into the great cosmos on a macro and micro level.

Here is a beautifully designed fully customizable astrological birth chart full of personalized information on the planetary and zodiac placements based on the time, date and location of the individual.

Your Astrological Birth Chart is a blueprint of who you are on a deeper soul level. The chart is a snapshot of where the stars and planets aligned at the exact moment you were born. It is unique to each and every person just like a fingerprint no two charts are the same!

Perhaps you may want to gift this to a loved one or hang up your birth chart in your bedroom, office, living room, or dorm as either a decorative piece, or even as a visual to meditate upon for deeper self analysis and understanding.

This is a planetary and zodiac placement natal/birth chart, please note that aspects are not included.


PERSONALIZATION: Please message me your details so I may get started

~Name (as you want it o appear)

~Birth Month, Date, Year

~Birth Time (as accurate as possible)

~Birth Place - City, State, Country

~ This is a Digital Download that will be available in a PDF format
~ Available in sizes: 8.5x11 inches, 11x14 inches, 16x20 inches (let me know if you want something different)
~ Chart & House System used: Placidus, Tropical Zodiac (Western Astrology)
~ 3 Color options available: Gold on Blue, Gold on White, White on Black
(let me know if you have a specific color combo you would like instead)

~ Once the order has been placed, I will begin working on your birth chart print as soon as possible.
~ In about 2-5 business days (sometimes sooner)
you will receive a draft to review.
Includes: 1 revision, please be sure the names, dates, colors, and size are accurate.
~ Once the draft is approved by you -
I will finalize the chart and send you a high quality 300 DPI printable PDF in the size you selected within 48 hours.
~ Overall allow for 2-7 business days to receive the final PDF file.

NOTE: An Art Print/Poster of the Personalized Astrological Birth Chart is also available in my shop.
This is offered as a physical product to cut out any of the print yourself work - saving you time!

I do not accept Returns on custom items, however if there is an issue or concern please let me know so I can help :)

Thank you!

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