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Crystal Grid, Crystal Sets, 6 Healing Stone Crystal Sets

Crystal Grid, Crystal Sets, 6 Healing Stone Crystal Sets

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Crystal Grid Sets - 6 stones of same crystal in each bag. Select which crystal sets you would like and you are ready to start your sacred healing crystal grids or adding them to your collection!

No one crystal is exactly alike. Even the same type of crystals are different in size, texture, and color from one another. Stones have sub-type identifications giving a variety to the main type of crystal.

Nature made Crystals from all over different parts of the world: please allow for variances, chipping, pitting and polish for each unique stone!

I do my best to provide a similar range of size of each crystal in a bagged set, however some are bigger and smaller with different colors when compared to one another.

You will receive 6 crystals in a bag with a sticker ID tag. Scientific, history, healing & metaphysical properties/attributes can easily be found online or in a crystal book.

A crystal in any size will work just as well as a large or small one. Size has nothing to do with how the crystal resonates/vibrates. A mini sized crystal will resonate the same as a larger one.

Get to know your crystals and stones. Look up their meanings online or in a crystal book, we also offer a crystal template to fill in as a identification worksheet to get to know your crystals better. Simply tune in to them, and you will find they will respond to you with all the energy and power you need.

Please use this size chart to identify the approximate sizes of the crystals you will be receiving.

Size Chart:
Mini 2-12mm (1/16th inch - 1/2 inch)
S: 13-20mm (1/2 inch - 3/4 inch)
M: 25-32mm (1 inch - 1 1/4 inch)
L: 32-38mm (1 1/4 inch - 1 1/2 inch)
XL 39-51mm (1 1/2 inch - 2 inch)

As of right now I have listed your choice of 13 different types of crystals for creating your own sacred grid! All crystals have been tumbled and or polished.

1. Amethyst
—19-38mm - S/M/L
2. Amazonite (not pictured)
—25-32mm -M
3. Aura Rose Quartz (not pictured)
—15-30mm - S/M
4. Azeztulite / Golden Healer (not pictured) —20-30mm - S/M
5. Black Obsidian (not pictured)
—20-30mm - S/M
6. Black Tourmaline
—20-30mm - S/M
7. Blue Calcite
—20-30mm - S/M
8. Carnelian
—13-38mm - S/M/L
9. Citrine
—13-30mm -S/M
10. Clear Quartz Rough Points
—15-40mm -- S/M/L
11. Garnet (not pictured)
—20-32mm - S/M
12. Green Aventurine (not pictured)
— 20-30mm - S/M
13. Lapis Lazuli
—25-38mm - M/L
14. Malachite (not pictured)
—25-38mm - M/L
15. Rainbow Flourite (not pictured)
—20-30mm - S/M
16. Rainbow Moonstone (not picture)
—25-32mm - M/L
17. Rhodonite
—25-32mm - M
18. Rose Quartz
—13-24 mm - S
19. Smokey Quartz
—20-30mm -S/M
20. Snowflake Obsidian
—13-25mm - S/M
21. Sunstone
—20-30mm -S/M
22. Tigers Eye (not pictured)
—13-24 mm - S
23. Unakite (not pictured)
—13-24 mm - S

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