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Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stone, Smoky Quartz Crystal

Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stone, Smoky Quartz Crystal

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Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stone

Sizes vary from stone to stone as these are naturally formed in the earth. Sizes shown range from .5" to 1"

Chakras: Base (root), Solar plexus, and Earth star

Healing and Metaphysical Properties:

❈ Lifts depression, jealousy, anger & negativity
❈ Absorbs & transmutes negative energy into positive energy
❈ Dispels fear & nightmares
❈ Brings emotional calmness
❈ Environmentally protects against radiation & electromagnetic stress from electronics
❈ Relieves stress & anxiety
❈ Grounding & stabilizing, good for balancing, centering, & anchoring
❈ Powerfully cleansing & detoxifying
❈ Amplifies other healing stones with its quartz properties
❈ Amplifies the truth of everything around it
❈ Ability to assist you in moving on from painful memories of the past
❈ Assists in the integration of spiritual messages received in higher chakras into lower chakras
❈Assists in the acceptance of your sexual nature
❈ Cleanses the base chakra so passion can flow more naturally
❈ Anchors expanded consciousness into the physical body
❈ Facilitates the transformation of dreams into reality (great manifesting qualities)
❈ Holds the power of the sacred feminine - wild untethered goddess energy (mother nature)
❈ Assists in removing illusions in your life
❈ Purges distractions, buzzing, & negative energies from the psychic world (psychic protection)
❈ Aids in understanding your intuition & psychic insight
❈ Assists at getting to the root cause of any issue offering clarity
❈ Enhances survival instincts
❈ Improves creativity & lateral thinking for problem solving & opens your mind to new perspectives
❈ Very protective, aids in sensing & warding off any kind of danger
❈ Useful for scrying
❈ Facilitates moving between alpha & beta states
❈ Good for helping you communicate your thoughts, ideas & feelings
❈ Reconnects you with your body & nature
❈ Alleviates suicidal tendencies
❈ Supports chemotherapy and radiotherapy
❈ Alleviates ambivalence about being incarnated in a physical body

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